Toho Trophy Bass Adventures Client Reviews

 Steve,orlando bass fishing

Thanks for a great two days on the water. I don't know if anyone will ever believe me when I tell them the story of how you put me on that 11lb trophy but it's fun to tell. Hopefully, all of your clients will listen to you when you say, "cast right over there" because if they do who knows what will happen! Topwater strikes are always fun but the sight of that fish blasting my lure the second it hit the water was priceless. Look forward to fishing with you again in the future.

Charles Crews



orlando fishingorlando bass guideSteve Thanks again for a fun day on the water. The fishing was great, evident by our need to go buy more bait halfway through the morning. We caught fish from the first cast to the last few minutes when we ran out of bait the second time. I truly enjoyed fishing with you and am looking forward to scheduling my next trip. You're a true professional and have earned a repeat customer.

Thanks again, Carlos

UPDATE - image on the left is of Carlos and his Daughter who came on his return trip and caught her biggest bass ever! 


Hi Steve,bass fishing in orlando

Just got back and wanted to let you know how much we appreciated our day on the water with you. You never know what to expect when booking a trip but you really did make everything very easy. We don't get to fish anything like that at home so we would have been totally lost if we had been fishing on our own. It was an amazing day of fishing and your tips really made the difference especially when it came to catching my 10lb trophy. The next time we're coming to Florida we will be looking you up for another great trip.

Eric Johnson


Steve,bass guides in orlandoorlando bass fishing

Wanted to say a big thanks for another great fishing trip especially on short notice. I thought the trip was going great with a couple of 4 lb fish and a 5 to start the morning and then everything changed with that 12lb trophy. Every trip down has been great but I'm not sure how you are going to out do yourself after this. We definitely don't get to catch fish like that here in New Jersey!

look forward to seeing you next time, Scott

UPDATE - Unfortunately, Scott passed away in 2013. It was an honor to have gotten to know him and his memory lives on in these pages.  


orlando fishing guides


We had an amazing three days of fishing with you back in February and were thrilled with the 6lb bass on day one and the 7lb bass on day two but you made my dreams come true with my first 10lb trophy bass on the last day! Everyone talks about the "fish of a lifetime" and for 50 years I have been chasing that fish with fishing trips all over the country so to finally catch a trophy bass was an unbelievable experience. And to do it on 10lb test line was even more impressive. Thanks for making our trip so much fun and working so hard to put us on the fish. We will definitely be back for more and of course bigger!

Arnold Cash



We had a great time fishing with you! Anytime your child would compare fishing with you Steve with going to Walt Disney you must be doing something right.

We were sitting at the dinner table one night during our vacation with the family we were sharing our vacation with and the other Dad asked all the kids (6 of them) at the table what they had enjoyed the most so far. (After 1 four hour trip fishing with Steve with the two oldest boys and the fathers the boys were 7 & 8,an afternoon at the pool, 1 day at Islands of Adventure, and 1 day at Magic Kingdom) my son Jimmy without any hesitation blurted out fishing with Steve, when are we going back?

The parents at the table almost fell over even myself who loves fishing could not believe a 7 year old would rather go fishing with you than go to Disney. You spoke to me about your search for possible sponsorships. Well let me tell you your impact on Jimmy drove me to spend over $1000 US at Bass Pro Shops in Orlando in one week and if they question you I can forward the receipts.

Companies looking to sponsor you need to hear about stories like this so they can understand the impact that you have on the customers even if they are 7 years old they will be customers now and for the next 60+ years. All I can say is as an owner of my own business I hope to have ambassadors like yourself out there building my business.

Thanks again, Murdock Graham 


If you want to learn how to catch more and bigger bass, Steve Boyd is someone you definitely should call. In June I asked Steve to come to my home in Winter Haven to help me learn my lake and figure out how to catch big bass. Six months later I have caught more bass over 6 lbs than ever before! In 8 hours I learned seasonal patterns, improved lure presentations, how to target bass in cover and much more. The investment was well worth it. And how many guides will drive to your house?

Bill Schneider - Winter Haven, Florida


 Another success story from a client who asked me to come out and help break down his orlando area guideshome waters and catch bigger bass. I spent 4 hours with Matt in his boat working on seasonal patterns, better understanding of his depthfinder, lure choices and adding some lures to his arsenal for increased opportunities. Well, 3 months later he followed up with great results on the new lures and a week later sent me this photo which is his largest bass ever at 7.5lbs! October 2015 



orlando bassflorida bass adventuresSteve,

Thanks for a great morning of fishing. This trip was more for my wife as she is the one in the family who loves to fish.
Look forward to seeing you again,
Peter Chui October 2015



fishing guides in orlandoorlando fishing guides


Technically, this isn't a testimonial but when a client comes back as a repeat client it says something about what we are doing as a guide service. Even more important than that is the reason clients come back which is why I wanted to share these photos with you. This is Steve C. from Alabama who has done multiple trips with us. On the left is his first big bass caught in 2004 and on the right is his most recent that was caught on March 28th 2012. I'll be the one looking forward to the next time Steve C. comes to visit again! 




I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated that day you took us fishing this pastflorida fishing January. My dad spoke about this fish he caught with nearly everyone and showed the picture to anyone who would look. He kept this picture by his chair in his living room so he could look at it each day. Dad passed away on May 1 after fighting cancer for a year. As you saw him on January 2 he was managing it well up till the middle of February. I don't tell you this for any other reason than to let you know how much we all appreciated that day on your boat. It was the last time Dad was able to fish and my brother and I will probably remember that day forever. Thanks again for all the accommodations you made that day for us and I'll be sure to look you up when I'm in the Orlando area again when I have time to fish. 

Timothy Buss 2013 


fishing guides in orlandoThank you so much for providing a great trip to my client and myself on 1-9-11. It was great to get a big bass so early in the year, at least for me, as are lakes are iced over here in Illinois. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who wishes to show a client a good time. Steve was very patient with my client who has limited fishing experience and also with me as I normally fish artificial baits and on our day we used live bait. Due to Steve's expertise it is not take long for us to get in the groove. The conditions were not the best due to cold fronts moving in and out but with Steve's knowledge of the lake we fished we managed numerous bass in the boat and the second largest LMB that I ever caught. Steve again thank you for your professionalism it paid dividends in regards to showing my client a great day on the water.  

Leo Nowak


Hello Steve,bass fishing in orlando

It was a pleasure to meet you. Once again thanks for the wonderful fishing party today. Please send us the Photos you have taken. We think that their better than ours. :) If you ever plan to visit Romania please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Thanks and best regards, 

Stelian Campianu 2015



orlando bass fishing


Hi Steve

We're home and most appreciative of our trip. Thanks forgiving us a great experience on Toho. I was wondering if you might email the pictures of our fish so I can share with Mike and our friends? We have a few, but I think you have the "touch" with the pictures. I know you're very busy with clients, but if you find a free moment, we'd love to see the pictures. 

Chip - March 2012



 Hey Steve,bass guides orlando area

Here are my photos. I blew you up on my facebook page and everybody was just as pumped about the pictures as I was! Thanks for the pictures and the great experience!

 Robby January 2012 




Hey Steve,lake toho

I'm back home and after downloading the video of our trip and showing everyone the photos of the big fish I wanted to let you know that we had an awesome day. To get out on the water in February and start catching fish immediately was incredible. Those were the biggest bass I have ever seen and to feel them just about rip the rods out of my hands was the best ever. Thanks for a great time.

Jason Cooper 2012 



lake toho guides


Steve, Just a quick note to say thanks for a great trip. Every year my Wife and I take a fishing trip for our Anniversary and this by far was the best we have ever had! Just to get on the water in February is great but for my Wife to come away with a trophy bass was icing on the cake. We have fished in Mexico and Lake Fork before so we are not new to big bass fishing but Florida is by far is our favorite thanks to you!


Larry White


guides in orlandobass fishing orlandoSteve, Thanks again for the amazing time my Father-in-law and I had fishing with you on Lake Toho. I've been telling my friends about the Zen Master fishing guide I met that calmed down an 8lb bass by holding the line between 2 fingers before lipping it! And like I said at the end of the day, the conversation was better than the fishing , which is crazy considering I caught an 8lb and 7lb bass. You're a great guy and I'm better for having met you and fished with you.

Ryan Dykstra


orlando guidesFishing at Toho was a completely different experience than targeting the Largemouth we usually fish for here on the West Coast. The combination of the unique behavior of the Florida fish, the unique attributes of the lake itself coupled with the awesome weather made for an exciting day on the water. I eagerly anticipate the next time I have the opportunity to fish in Orlando again, and while that seven pounder is my best Florida bass for now I know that bigger fish await in Toho. The Bass in Lake Toho are famous for their quality as well as being notoriously tricky to catch but with Steve Boyd as our guide we had a great day on the lake. He has intimate knowledge of the lake and is able to adapt quickly to give anglers the best opportunity to catch fish, in fact he guarantees it.  

Alex Mei, Owner Tackle Tour


orlandoSteve, We Wanted to thank you again for the great trip this past Tuesday (5/4). Margaret and I just got back home Sunday. The fishing was by far my highlight of the trip to Orlando. (Despite my less than perfect skills with a baitcasting setup !) In spite of "the one that got away" I came away a much more educated fisherman. I even caught a few nice ones back at our resort using a worm! If you get a moment can you email whatever pics you got of our day. I guess you could even send the big one Margaret got so her and the kids can continue with their unrelenting reminders that she is a better fisher-person than me !  

Again thanks for the life lasting memories, Rob & Margaret Hauler May 2010 



bassThank you so much for the awesome fishing trip my husband, son and I had on June 10th 2007!

You made a statement during our trip that the girl usually catches the biggest fish and you were so right! I caught two beautiful largemouths! I have recommended you to several of our friends and family members. I would also like to take this opportunity to recommend your guide services to anyone viewing your website. You worked diligently to put us on the fish and we all had a very successful day of fishing during our trip. We are already talking about planning another trip for early next year.

Thank you again for the unforgettable day on the lake. We had a blast catching trophy bass!

Dreama, Gary and Larry Thomas June 2007  


I have to thank you. You did a great job today working the waters. You guided my wife (who does not fish) in a calming manner which allowed her to land the 1st Largemouth Bass of her life. Unfortunately it was the largest of the trip and we are all aware of that fact :) You also provided me with many tips. The "Bayou" section of the lake was a perfect finish as it provided me with some awesome pictures. We will certainly fish with you again and will recommend you to our friends.

Till then.... Fish On!!!! ROSS DOUD  




Thanks for providing a great fishing experience for my son and I. Our goal was to catch a least one "big one" and we did that and more. That 9 lb. largemouth was a sight to see and several pounds larger than anything we have caught up in MA. Several 4-5 pounders and many 1-3's kept us busy catching the entire day. Guessing we brought in 20 plus fish....a great day.......Thanks!

Brad and Kurt Prouty Jan 2010



orlandoDear Steve,

Once again thank you for a fantastic morning's fishing. Leaving before dawn racing across lake Toho to start fishing was brilliant. With the Sun rising we landed our first bass, albeit it was a peanut (your words), it was still a bass and several more followed. Not beating my previous effort of 8 1/2 pounds but each and every bass were still magical. Thanks for your mastery of the waters and knowing where the opportunities were the greatest. The wildlife was an added treat on Lake Toho as it is absolutely awe inspiring.

So, once again many, many thanks and I look forward to our next trip to Florida chasing those big largemouth bass.

Thanks for the memories, Bob Theobald



Thank you again for a great fishing experience and for your patience with the three of us. Pleas email the photo over of Brendon’s bass.

I have located a couple taxidermists here in Tampa….just need the photo.

Thanks again, and we look forward to another outing with you in the near future…my wife and daughter are interested.





Thank you for a great Day on the water! 2 - 7+ pound fish really made the day for me. Besides the fishing, the highlights of the day for me was when Kevin Van dam pulled up on our spot and started fishing. It was great to see all of the pros looking at what you were doing because they respected the knowledge and time you have on the water. Kevin went on to win the tournament fishing structure just like what we were fishing. I will always remember my first time fishing lake Toho and I look forward to fishing it again. The Lessons you taught me about living in the moment and thinking positively will make me a better angler for the rest of my life. Thank you and I hope to be able to take another trip to Toho to fish with you over the next year or so.

Tim Garner Chicago IL



I'm back home from my trip and still reflecting on what a day on the water I had with you. My goal was to catch a trophy bass and you definitely made that happen for me. You also taught me the value of catch and release which I can now say I will practice for the rest of my life. Seeing that massive fish swim away knowing that someone else might get the chance to experience what I did was the highlight of my day. Thanks for a great trip and I hope to get back down for another in the near future.

Take Care, Steve Reynolds


bassHi Steve,

I thought I would take a minute to let you know how much I enjoyed my trip a few days ago! This was my fourth trip to Lake Toho and although my previous guides were nice the big fish just never seemed to come for me as my biggest on those trips was only 4lbs. On this trip to Orlando not only did I catch a big fish I enjoyed some great conversation which really made the day enjoyable. I have always heard of the big fish on Lake Toho but now I can talk about what those monsters feel like when they are stripping drag from the rod! It's nice to know that the next time I come to Florida I will be able to say my biggest bass ever is a 9lb giant! I still can't get over how big that fish was in my hands! You will be hearing from me in the future when I come back to Orlando as I think I have found the right guide to put me on the BIG ONES!

Take Care and I'll see you on my next vacation, Charles Patterson  


bassHey Steve,

 It has been a few days since our bass fishing trip and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our day on the water with you. I am still looking at my pictures of that big fish! I have been on many guide trips to Lake Fork, the Red River and have yet to catch a trophy bass or for my wife to catch a big bass so it was very rewarding to have it finally happen on Lake Toho. You definitely met our expectations for our trip and made the day very enjoyable. This was the best bass fishing trip we have ever been on and look forward to fishing with you again in the future!

Tom Graham Shrevport Louisiana



bassHey there Steve.

I just wanted to tell you how much fun (and relaxation) Nick and I had on our fishing trip. We do want to book another weekend trip in April and possibly include a few teenagers as well. Again, thanks for helping me with "a big one"........Nick is very determined to beat my catch!!!!

Thanks again, and hope to make the website!!! -Barbara Lane 




bassDear Steve,

Thank you once again for another successful fishing trip. My family thoroughly enjoyed it, however, it has now spiked an inner-family competition "who can catch the most fish - the men or the women"? The women clearly kicked butt on this trip. Needless to say, another trip is being planned. We appreciate your enthusiasm and knowledge about fish (especially the bass), the entertainment you provided, and your overall professionalism. Thanks again - we'll get a hold of you soon.

Sincerely, Barbara and Nick Lane and kids



Hi Steve,

Just got back to Colorado Springs and wanted to thank you for a FANTASTIC day on the water. Both my wife and I really enjoyed our bass fishing trip to Orlando…weather was great and the bass fishing was awesome! It was our first experience using a bass fishing guide and I must say, you exceeded our expectationbasss. Not only did we have a grbasseat time fishing with excellent gear but we learned a great deal about bass fishing as well. We appreciated the conversation…the day flew by way to fast! Next time, we’ll make it 6 dozen shiners! I also wanted to thank you for making my wife feel very comfortable through out the day. I am still laughing, thinking about her telling you she didn’t feel anything even after your second plea for her to set the hook. It made the experience that much better.

After thinking about it, we had to have been around 24 bass for the day and I can only recall 1 fish that probably weighed less than 2lbs. Thanks for a great day! That school of Bass busting the surface for shad was an experience all by itself…something I’ll never forget.

Next year, there will be three of us…as both boys want to go bass fishing with you! Can’t wait to see there faces as they land quality sized fish….fish after fish! How early do you start taking reservations?

Thanks again and best of luck in your upcoming tournaments!

Jim Gebing General Manager T-Mobile USA  


bassHi Steve,

I had an amazing time today. I will definitely be back next year. I really appreciate your professionalism you can tell you have spent countless hours perfecting your craft. Thanks for making it look so easy to catch the big bass you are an excellent instructor. When you get a chance can you send those photos you took.





I just wanted to thank you for a great day on the water. The spot you picked for us to do our fishing was absolutely beautiful, and the fishing was excellent. I'm very happy we pick your services for our outing, for not only are very professional, but you were great with my son. Aavery enjoyed himself so much fishing with you that after one day at Magic Kingdom he told my wife he wished he had another day with you instead of being at Disney. This coming from an eight year-old, I'm not sure I could give any better compliment myself. Thank you once again and we look forward to seeing the pictures you took.

John and Avery Ayers 2010  



You took my son and husband on a trip 11/01/10. Rob and Nicholas Dill. I will say, they had a wonderful time. Nick continues to talk about you and of course the boat. "why can't we get a boat like that". I hope we get back there again soon and we all could go fishing. I enjoy fishing as much as my husband. My youngest is 6 and doesn't handle long trips yet. Maybe in a couple of years. Here are some pics and video.

Thank you again!!! Cheryl Dill 




I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoyed our day with you this last December! I have been fishing the Disney lakes since I was a child and after spending a day with you will never go back! Your Professionalism, knowledge and passion for what you do truly comes through while you are guiding and it was greatly appreciated. I learned more from you in one day then I have in the last 15 years of going fishing at Disney. From now on when I visit Florida I will be fishing with you and look forward to gaining more knowledge about catching Big Bass!

John Meyers Albany, New York


Howdy Steve,

I can't thank you enough for the best bass fishing trip my son Andy and I have ever been on. My boy caught more than me . . .. and he caught bigger than mine. What more could a Dad ask for. I will say this - If you have kids then this is the guy to go fishing with. No matter what age the child. This guy has the attitude that is the hope for a new generation of fishermen. He taught us to respect the fish, to understand their habits, and how to catch a bunch of them. If you have kids that you want to take fishing while in Orlando, there is no better man to lead you than Steve Boyd.

The highlight of our summer vacation . . .Thanks from both of us . .. . Will and Andy Sellers  


orlando bass fishingSteve,

I have had a great time showing off the PICS of my 9 pounder. We had a great trip and could not have had a better guide. We were truly impressed with your passion for the sport, and even more impressed by your dedication to locate big fish for your clients. It is not often you find someone in any business that delivers what they advertise. We hope to book another trip or two in December of this year. If we stand up to your standards?

Well, keep a lure in the water and a tight line! your friend & satisfied customer.

Doug Brown, Powell Tennessee



orlando bass fishingHi Steve,

I'm back in the UK now so I thought I'd drop you an email to thank you for the two great trips. I really enjoyed both days in such beautiful surroundings. Also your Triton boat was a real surprise as we don't have anything like that at home.

I don't think I'll ever forget blasting through the channels in the rushes on our way to your spot on Toho as the sun was just rising. Awesome! I do, however, have one serious complaint. Your guiding me to catch 35 Largemouth Bass to nearly 7lb in just four hours on my first day Bass fishing has completely spoiled me! I showed an American friend the photo's of me and my fish and he told me that in 20 years of Bass fishing in the Carolinas he has never had a six pounder and never ever caught 35 fish in a day, let alone in a just a morning!

 If you ever get any English guys who want to book you, feel free to give 'em my email address. I'll recommend your guiding service unreservedly. Keep up the good work! See you next time I'm in Florida.

John Stone. 


orlando bass fishingSteve,

I wanted to thank you again for the fishing trip. I really enjoyed myself on this trip and greatly appreciated your expertise and insight.

I am very impressed with the Toho fishery, and even more impressed with your professionalism and knowledge. Every day on the water is a learning experience and this was no exception. I will be able to apply some of your approach to our bass fishery on this side of the country, both fresh and salt water. When I return to Florida I will only fish with you and will look forward to a crack at one of the 10 pounders.

Good luck with the tournament fishing. I am confident that you will do very well. Just hope that you will still have time to guide clients like myself. Feel free to use my name or e-mail for a reference in the future.

Best wishes, Krys Gwizdak


Hi Steve,

I just wanted to thank you again for the day we spent on Toho together. Although the weather was terrible, you still put me on some good fish! It certainly wasn't your fault I didn't land the big ones, next time I'll listen to you and be more patient. Your knowledge and professionional manner were more than I could have hoped for. If all the guides and fishermen had your attitude toward the fisheries of Florida we would enjoy the sport for many generations to come.

Thanks again and see you next winter, Rich Williams